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How To

A cheap rc airplane fueling station

I’m a big fan of using 1-gallon cans to store my gas and glow rc airplane fuel. I’ll walk you through creating your own cost-effective fueling system using a DuBro Kwik Fill Fitting, a hand pump, and a 1-gallon Midwest gas can from Autozone.

O.S. 4-Stroke .30 Glow

My rc airplane engine set up and break-in

If you’re new to rc airplane engines and fuel power this will be a good primer. I walk through the power system, set-up, and do a short test run with an engine test stand I built out of a scrap bit of wood.

Essential Gear | Drone Field Bag

Tried and true I’ve been using for years.

If ever I go out flying this is what I take with me to avoid downtime and make emergency repairs when necessary. While all this stuff won’t guarantee a fix for everything it certainly comes close. I hope this provides some guidance to help you build your perfect drone field bag.

RC Airplane Plans Wall Art

Canvas, mod podge, and rc airplane blueprints.

This was easier than I expected and the results look fantastic. I took old rc airplane plans and glued them to painters canvas with Mod Podge to create original wall art.

Final Comments On FAA Remote ID

Here are my closing thoughts about where drones are headed.

Like it or not FAA regulations on drones will inevitably occur. It’s just a matter of time. This will not destroy the industry rather, we’ll need to pivot and become a stronger community of aviation enthusiasts to succeed.