Skyllama connects people and rc pilots to great local flying fields.

? A passion for aviation

Skyllama’s goal is to build an aviation network that stewards the hobby throughout your local communities and eventually across the globe. When we embark on a new adventure we seek to find the people and places who embrace that same passion. Skyllama connects you to the places and people who are passionate about model aviation. At the flying field knowledge is shared, communities grow, and the thrill of flight can be experienced. Skyllama helps people find places that bring flight and model aviation to life.

? Building a Community

I’ve been involved in the hobby of radio control for over 20 years and have watched it evolve. I’ve always wanted to create a place to bring together aviation enthusiasts in a way that promotes education, safety, and fosters community. So my goal is to connect you to the places where it all begins: the flying field.

creator of skyllama sitting next to a quarter scale piper cub

? It’s All Free For You

My goal is to map flying field locations and organizations within the U.S. – and eventually across the globe. To make this happen I built a tool where anyone can create, contribute, and manage flying field locations for free. I wanted to give everyone an unrestricted opportunity to share their information and create a space where anyone interested can experience the thrill of flight.

Thank you for stewarding your passion of flight!

Andrew W. | Aviation Enthusiast

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