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Recent Llama Videos

Visit A Flying Field To Fly Your Drone

Meet experienced pilots and learn new skills.

If you want wide open space to fly your drone or you’re looking to learn more about them, try a flying field. At your local field you can get up close and personal with the pilots, check out their gear and get inundated with advice on how to get addicted to the hobby.

FAA Remote ID

❤️ or 😠: Regulations are here to stay

From the driving force of technology to why regulation is inevitable. Here are my parting thoughts about pending Remote ID regulation. And why I feel this is not the end of a hobby but rather a transition period and an indicator of more regulations to come.

Beginners Soldering Setup

And how to solder EC3 connectors.

Looking to take on the world of soldering as a drone and rc hobbyist? I walk you through my budget soldering set up, cleaning and tinning of my iron, and the process for soldering EC3 connectors, and give you a list of all the soldering equipment that I’ve been using.